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Plaques & Shields Available in veneer fi nish as well as solid wood as pictured. Ribbons and tack on shields, order separately. Side Shields, (Tack On) and Shield Ribbons. Shields Accessories 2101V 38cm 2103R 27cm SH1 Gold or Silver 38mm RIB2 150x50mm PRIB01 118mm Wide 2102V 32cm 2104R 21cm SH2 Gold or Silver 26mm RIB3 120x40mm PRIB02 94mm Wide 2103V 27cm SH3 Gold or Silver 24mm RIB11 209x77mm PRIB03 65mm Wide 2104V 21cm SP1 Gold or Silver 28mm RIB12 167x61mm ST02 107mm 2101R 38cm SP2 Gold or Silver 23.5mm RIB13 125x46mm ST01 157mm 2102R 32cm RIB1 180x60mm RIB14 84x30mm