Engraving Materials 1.6 mm LMT764 Brushed Gold/Black 1.6 mm LMT314 Brushed Stainless/Black TroLase Metallic Plus is an acrylic based laminate with an authentic metallic finish. Benefiting from a thin top layer it enables detailed engraving at high production speeds. For external applications and cost effective, time saving alternatives to metal engraving, we recommend TroLase Metallic Plus which is UV-resistant. 1.6mm thick, 1245 x 610mm. TroLase Metallic Plus Laserable & Rotary Materials 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm LT402 LT354 LT334 LT344 LT894 Black/White Brushed Alum/Black Brushed Silver/Black Smooth Silver/Black Brushed Cooper/Black 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm LT204 LT734 LT754 White/Black Brushed Gold/Black Euro Gold/Black TroLase Thins are extremely flexible and ideally suited to applications on curved surfaces. With an acrylic base and thin foiled surface you can achieve detailed, elegant engraving accommodating both the trophy and award industry as well as the industrial market. 0.5mm thick, 1245 x 610mm. TroLase Thins Laserable & Rotary Materials 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm LTX422 LTX774 LTX205 LTX592 Black/White Yellow/Black White/Blue Blue/White 1.6 mm 1.6 mm LTX244 LTX246 White/Black White/Red TroLase Textures are two-layer acrylic based materials, suitable for applications in demanding environments, where extra durability and scratch resistance are required. The textured, matt surface is non-reflective, durable and easy to clean. TroLase Textures are UV and weather-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 1.6mm thick, 1220 x 610mm. TroLase Texture Laserable & Rotary Materials